Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Biofuel production technology from Philippines

Dear Colleagues,

Please find information on biofuel processing plants below.



Dear Jan,

Our NGO now has a partnership with a Philippine manufacturer that
specializes in building biofuel plants worldwide (CME, Soya Methyl
Ester, Jatropha Methyl Ester, Bioethanol, etc.). In addition to biofuel
plants, we also build integrated sugarcane and coconut production
plants. The partnership designs, manufactures, installs the equipment as
per specifications of client, and provides on-site technology transfer
and training.

The biodiesel plant capacity can vary - from 10 to 20 to 50 to 100 tons
per day, through either the "batch" or "continuous" process.

The size of the integrated sugarcane or coconut processing plant also
varies according to the volume of feedstock available.

We have completed three biodiesel projects in the Philippines and are in
the process of negotiations for building/outfitting two
continuous-process biodiesel plants in China. Also in the pipeline are
one integrated sugarcane processing facility and two integrated coconut
processing facilities in the Philippines

If you know of any parties interested in availing of our services,
please have them contact me at this e-mail address.



Perla Limbaga Manapol, President
Sustainable Rural Enterprise
Always Use Your Coconut!
Aklan State University - Main Campus
Banga, Aklan, Philippines
Tel.: 63-36-262-4846 Fax: 63-36-268-4765
Tel. in U.S.A.: 1-805-383-3708
E-mail: firlatot@yahoo.com
BLOG: http://coconutsgalore.blogspot.com


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