Monday, June 25, 2007

Fractionated CME


Chenmrez Technologies, Inc., Asia's largest producer of CME, has
developed a new kind of high-value CME called Fractionated Coco Methyl
Ester that can be used for purposes other than as biodiesel fuel. This
type of CME can be used for detergents, environment-friendly lubricants,
and even as additives for engine oils with aeronautical and aerospace

Chemrez plans to export this product to markets in Europe, Japan, and
the U.S. especially as it offers better margins but cost the same to
ship overseas. An initial production of 20,000 tons is planned.

This high-value CME sells for 30 to 100% more than cocodiesel overseas
since this is a very specialized product with only a few producers
competing in the 400,000-ton market worth US$620-$800 million a year.
This gives Chemrez a big advantage over foreign CME producers since the
Philippines is the chief source of CNO in the world market.

Chemrez is the only Filipino oleochemical firm that produces
fractionated CME from its continuous process methyl ester plant.
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