Wednesday, July 18, 2007

[PB] Zambian scientists call for investment in biofuel energy


Zambian scientists researching the use of biofuel as an alternative
energy source said Monday the country has the capacity to produce up to
5,000 litres of ethanol a month.

This, however, would depend on proper investment to produce the
renewable energy.

Studies to this effect were conducted by the University Of Zambia School
Of Agriculture and the National Institute for Scientific Research.

According to the studies' findings, the country has the capacity for the
large scale production of biofuel.

The studies, conducted on sweet sorghum, showed that the crop was
environmentally friendly because it is also a food crop that could also
be used to produce biofuel, the scientists said.

The other crop that has undergone scrutiny in recent months is jatropha
which has, however, attracted controversy from local farmers, who called
for caution in its use.

Although the plant can grow well in the country, there were concerns
from farmers that jatropha had a tendency to overgrow other vegetation
which can cause serious environment problems.

Sweet sorghum on the other hand has now been identified as a crop that
can be used for both consumption and as a source for ethanol.

The two institutes of research have called for increased funding towards
research to find alternative sources of energy which would provide the
country relief from spending large sums of money importing fossil fuel
for energy.



African Press Agency
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