Wednesday, August 1, 2007

[PBN] B30 improves mileage by 10% in UK taxi's


Biofuel cabs
The taxis will be branded with a special green sticker
Three thousand black cabs in London can now fill up with biodiesel to
help cut carbon dioxide emissions and pollution.

Radio Taxis is offering its drivers the option of using the new 30%
sustainable fuel blend, which reduces the harmful gases the vehicles emit.

According to the firm, it is the first biofuel to be specifically
created for use in taxis and cuts CO2 by 7%.

Taxis running on the fuel will be branded with a special green sticker
on the windscreen.

Tailpipe testing by a government-approved laboratory found the fuel cut
harmful emissions. It also led to an improvement in miles per gallon of
almost 10%, the firm said.

It is hoped that the combined impact of reduced CO2 emissions and
improved mileage per gallon will cut the amount of CO2 produced by the
entire fleet by 3,000 tonnes per year.

Endorsing the move London mayor Ken Livingstone said: "London already
has the best taxi service in the world, and I am working with the taxi
trade to make it the cleanest."

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