Thursday, February 28, 2008

[PBN] Ethanol for Cassava plans for Fiji


Cassava Planting Way to Go
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Cassava Planting Way to Go
Publish date/time: 28/02/2008 [11:04]

Fiji's ambassador to China said cassava planting is the way to go in
terms of producing ethanol for Fiji, adding this is an economic saviour
for the indigenous people.

Sir James Ah Koy, who brought a delegation from China, said the group is
here to look at constructing a plant for ethanol production from cassava
and low-cost housing that could cost $31,000 and take 5 men to build in
three days.

Concentrating on cassava farming, Ah Koy said it is ideal for the
Fijians adding unlike sugar, there will be no land problems.

Farmers would need to produce 30,000 tonnes of cassava a month to submit
to the proposed plant for ethanol production.

Talks are still underway between the Chinese delegation, the interim
government and the relevant ministries on constructing an ethanol plant
which could cost around $40 million.

Ethanol produced would be for local consumption.
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