Wednesday, February 27, 2008

[PBN] Update Biofuel work in Solomon Islands

Below is an update of biofuel work in Solomon Islands by Solomons
Tropical Products. Manager Bevan Vollrath can be contacted at:

Hi Jan

How has this new year been for you. Hope all is well. Thanks so much
for the continue flow of information that you are sending. We are still
reading them and keeping informed by your work. There is alot of talk
about bio diesel around and while the price for Coconut oil stays so
high, it will be a had one to sell as a fuel.

The world has to except soon that bio fuels will not go away. These
island state in the pacific are still being controlled by the aid donor
countries. While they continue in being controlled at the political /
money level of governance then Ethenol and bio diesel will never become
stong. We have enough around to suppliment a good % of the fuel needed
to run these countries. this in turn will provide such a strong village
base economics that the need for donor money will deplete, giving us a
self sustaining independant south pacific.

We are currently trying to buy another mill set. Our shipping road map
has started with 1, 47 foot boat now operating under our management for
the copra and coconut oil industry. Our CNO mill in Makira is now
operating and making around 1 tonne of oil per day. We are pleased with
the outcome so far. The boat is vital for the community to move their
products. We will soon start using our coconut oil blend in the boat.

Our testing in our Bulldozer (engine is a 3306 )over the last 12 months
has shown no adverse effects on the engine. The engine in the boat is
the same. Our vehicles are still running fine and a small fleet of
trucks are still buying from us. The roads are so bad here that the bus
on the road have stopped coming in.

must go, keep up the good work

Bevan Vollrath

Solomon Topical Products

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