Tuesday, May 6, 2008

[PBN] John Deere Power Tech Gives Green Light to B100 Biodiesel

From: Strackyard News - 30/04/08

Provided the fuel meets the international EN 14214 standard or its equivalent, B100 (ie pure) biodiesel may now be used in machines fitted with John Deere PowerTech Plus or PowerTech E engines that comply with Tier 3 regulations, as well as in engines of earlier designs, says the Deere Power Systems Group.

However, a precondition for the use of B100 biodiesel in these engines is the application of the additive John Deere Biodiesel Protect 100, which is now available from John Deere dealers in the UK and Ireland.

To ensure fuel quality meets the requirements of advanced engine technology, B100 biodiesel - ie rapeseed oil that has been through an esterification process and not cold pressed rape oil - must be obtained from a certified supplier and stored appropriately. In addition, operators must follow the instructions provided in the service manual of the machine.

"John Deere has gained a significant amount of experience with B100 biodiesel in recent years," says GĂ©rard Ozanne, manager, product support at the John Deere Saran engine factory in France. "Since this type of fuel operates at approximately 10 per cent less power density and older machines may experience a loss of sealing properties, the conversion from normal diesel to B100 biodiesel should be handled in close cooperation with the local John Deere dealer."

John Deere began practical research on the use of rapeseed-based products in tractors in the 1980s, and was one of the first industry suppliers to offer biodegradable lubricants, such as Bio-Hy-Gard transmission and hydraulic oil. A second generation Bio-Hy-Gard oil is now available, featuring improved biodegradability.

The company has been researching the use of native rapeseed oil in Tier 3 engines since 2006, together with the German Agency for Renewable Energy (FNR), the University of Rostock and VWP, a specialist vegetable oil technology business.

More information about biodiesel and its use can be found on Deere & Company's US website at

source: http://www.stackyard.com/news/2008/04/machinery/08_deere_biodiesel.html

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Timmo said...

That is a B100
How is it compared to this fuel?
I understand that this is a patented blending agent that keeps the oil and diesel together even below temp that typical trans-bio-diesel will. allowing you to operate in boats etc.