Thursday, June 26, 2008

[PBN] Fiji: Bio-fuel to assist rural market

From: Fiji Times Online - 26/06/2008

Fijis move towards procuring energy from alternative sources has been encouraged as this will provide labour and development to the rural sector, says an expert.
Vilimone Vosarogo, a Bio-Fuel Engineer at the Department of Energy, said the quest to produce bio-fuel from crops will have a multiple effect as it will not only address the fuel crisis but will "generate a rural labour market".
Mr Vosarogo said the experimentation into procuring bio-fuel from renewable natural sources would require the engagement of the private sector, as it would need massive funds.
Other benefits like, generation of rural labour market, which will support and drive a rural sector economy, and rural sector developments are spin-offs to such development.
A national program such as this, which will definitely demand massive injection of funds and large investments by private sectors, has to be thoroughly researched and systematically mapped out, to avoid causing unnecessary side issues, he said.
Mr Vosarogo said addressing the fuel price issue would have a multiple effect on the economy because it would also tackle the rising cost of goods and services, which are intertwined with the cost of fuel.
It also addresses climatic change factors and generates foreign exchange revenue for the national purse, he said.

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