Saturday, June 21, 2008

[PBN] Fiji: New plan for bio-fuel production

From: Fiji TV - 19/06/2008
A Two Billion dollar deal on a Bio-Fuel project is expected to be finalized soon.

The Department of Energy can now reveal that an Australian company is footing the bill, and if all goes well, it could generate employment opportunities for locals.

Elpicon power systems limited is a Sydney based company; it's listed as a power engineering and contracting firm made up of professional engineers.

This is the department of Energy's top choice to spearhead what will soon become the biggest Bio-Energy project in the Pacific.

Mohammed Ali the company's Managing Director, who is originally from Rewa, has been working behind the scenes for 6 years about this project.

Elpicon's inclusion in the project will soon be formalised by Cabinet, along with full details on how it will operate, but one thing the company is focusing on is un-cultivated land.

Vosarogo adds, once the project is fully operational, it will generate new employment opportunities for about 8 to 9 thousand people.

Other details currently being clarified include the ownership of the new company set to be established next year, which will administer the 2 billion dollar project.

The agreement for the project is expected to be ready next month.

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