Wednesday, August 6, 2008

[PBN] Fiji: New Measures as Fuel Price Rises

From: The Fiji Times - 05/08/2008

Fiji should turn to bio-fuel with the rising cost of imported fossil fuel crippling the nation's economy.

The Department of Energy is calling for new measures with increase in fuel price affecting the country every month.

Director at the Department of Energy, Vilimone Vosarogo said the department was very serious on getting Fiji prepared to change to bio-fuel because the alternatives are fairly low to none.

He recently returned from China with a government delegation visiting alternative fuel measures in particular ethanol production plants.

Mr Vosarogo is adamant the crippling rising fuel cost would sooner if not later bankrupt a nation and its citizens such as Fiji because it would be inevitable to handle living cost due to high energy cost.

"Fiji cannot continue to pay for the rising, imported fossil fuel. Biofuel is locally sourced from locally available raw materials. It will be cheaper, cleaner, and environmentally friendly clean green fuel," he said.

'It will provide energy security, and will make us independent from the mercy of the oil cartels of the OPEC countries."

He said there are also other economic and rural sector development benefits and carbon credits attached to this if Fiji pursues this direction vigorously.

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