Tuesday, June 16, 2009

[PBN]: Biofuels, Climate Change, and Sustainability

From: World Resource institute, 2007
Some interesting reading.
Plants at the Pump examines the feasibility of achieving significant emissions reductions from the proliferation of biofuels. It starts with the challenges raised by today’s production and distribution technologies, turns to current biofuels policies and their environmental impacts, and looks at how these policies drive investment.

The report concludes that biofuels are not a complete, nor even the primary, solution to our transport fuel needs. They have the potential to play some role in meeting future energy demands. But since large-scale carbon displacement would require significant destruction of global forests, the benefits of biofuels would likely be outweighed by the costs with respect to forestry, agriculture markets, and economic hardship for the world’s poor.

This report was part of an ongoing collaboration between WRI and the Goldman Sachs Center for Environmental Markets.


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