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[PBN] Fiji: Presentation Notes: Seminar Announcement - Coconut Oil as Fuel for Diesel Engines

Dear PBN Menbers:
I had the oppurtunity to meet with Dr Giles Vaitilingom during the Coconut Roundable meeting in Nadi Last week whereby he gladly provided me with his Power Point slides on his presentation at the Fiji Institute of Technology.
Please refer to the following link to access Dr Gilles  power point presention:
Thanks Again Dr Giles.

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From: The Fiji department of Energy
A biofuel Seminar organised by the Fiji Department of Energy and The Fiji Institute of Technology (FIT) will commence on the 15th of June 2009 at the FIT Staff cateen at 10 am in the morning.
The seminor titled "Coconut Oil as Fuel for Diesel Engines" will be presented by Dr Gilles Vaitilingom ( Engineer at CIRAD, France). Dr Gilles Vaitilingom has over 20 year’s of practical experience on the adaptation of diesel engines to run on pure coconut oil.
Further Explanation on the seminar can be accessed in attachment.

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