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From: Fiji Times – 16/04/2010

COPRA suppliers will soon enjoy a more competitive price from the millers with the introduction of biodiesel production.

A biodiesel company is already offering a much higher price to those in maritime provinces who have over the years had to cope with a stagnant market price.

Biodiesel Group (Fiji) Limited managing director Ajay Punja said the company was willing to pay suppliers a reasonable sum after seeing the initial success of biodiesel. "We are offering a better price compared to the other buyers," said Mr Punja.

The Coconut Industry Development Authority (CIDA) said Biodiesel Group (Fiji) Limited was paying FJ$650 [US$339] per tonne, FJ$100 [US$52]

more than the regulated price. The authority said the regulated price of copra changed on a monthly basis and for the month of April it stood at around $580.45 per tonne.

"The regulated price is minimum mill gate price that a miller has to pay. If he can afford to pay above the regulated price, then better for the producers," said Saidi Achari of CIDA.

Apart from Biodiesel Group (Fiji) Limited the other buyers are Copra Millers Fiji Ltd and Ocean Soaps and other biodiesel operators like Niu Industries and Koro Bio-fuel Plant.

Ms Achari said all the millers were paying the regulated copra price.

She added State policy was to import fuel substitutes and go for renewal energy to promote coconut biodiesel production.

"So far all the millers are abiding by the minimum mill gate price and producers are aware of what the price per month is hence they demand the regulated price at the mill and not at the farm," Ms Achari said.

Source: http://pidp.eastwestcenter.org/pireport/2010/April/04-19-13.htm

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