Wednesday, January 30, 2008

[PBN] Philippines experience with coconut oil as lubricant


Researchers Convert Coconut Oil To Lubricate Cars

January 17, 2008 12:16 a.m. EST

Manila, Philippines (AHN) - Local researchers in southern Philippines on
Thursday announced they have successfully converted coconut oil to run
car engines which also improves fuel consumption efficiency by 45 percent.

Rey Mangio, managing director of Chun Hae Food Processor based in Davao
City, southern Philippines, say they used Korean micro biotechnology for
the product.

In a statement, Mangio said the S-9 biotech lubricating motor oil for
gasoline and diesel engine, could reduce the country's dependence on
fossil-based fuel and at the same time reduce production of carbon monoxide.

"Since 2005, more than 400 vehicles, both diesel and gasoline fueled,
have tested the product at a blended rate of 20 percent of crankcase
capacity," Mangio said.

"Chemical analyses show that the product reduces fuel consumption up to
45 percent, it also reduces smoke emission up to 95 percent, it has more
power and it has cooler engine operating temperatures," he adds.

He reveals the company is planning to increase their current capacity of
5,000 liters of monthly production within the next five years to reach
wider market base.

"Our target for the next five years is to increase our market base, we
hope that people will share our vision and will realize the impact of
this product to the community," Mangio said.

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