Wednesday, January 30, 2008

[PBN] PNG Bio-diesel project to use Central coconut oil


THE Aroma Coconut Product Corp (ACPC) and the PNG Sustainable Energy Ltd
(PNGSEL) have signed a deal on a bio-diesel project in Central province
using coconut oil produced in the area.

The signing was witnessed by people from Maupa village, Aroma.
Peter Martin, ACPC managing director, said: "The signing of this
agreement paves the way for the implementation of the first phase (of
the bio-diesel project) and is expected to run for approximately three
months on a trial basis."

He said sophisticated equipment would be used during the trial period.
Mr Martin said: "We are in the process of helping the New Ireland
province in its electrification programme and has considered the
proposal put in for this project here in Maupa."
He stressed that the bio-diesel project had to be supported by the local

Tore Ovasuru, chief executive of the Kokonas Indastri Koporesen (KIK)
said: "Our initiative is make change by harnessing the economic use of
coconut shells, husks, coconut oil and the mill and to promote coconut
as a crop from this province."

He said KIK was making plans to market the products from coconut.
ACPC is working with the PNGSEL and the Cocoa and Coconut Institute
(CCI) to push the project.

Deputy Prime Minister Dr Puka Temu, who officiated at the project
launching ceremony, said: "It is an important initiative … so be assured
that the Government support will be there, so get up and use your
initiative to make things work".

Dr Temu said that 87% of the people live in rural areas and that they
should look at things positively "because a small development like this
leads you to much bigger development in the future".

He added that the three things to empowering people were "resources of
the land, how you use your knowledge and how you organise yourself".
Central Governor Alphonse Moroi supported what Mr Temu said and stressed
on positive growth for the province.

The governor will propose to CCI and KIK to help people plant a coconut
tree a day by providing them with fast-growing, high-yielding coconut

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