Thursday, November 26, 2009

[PBN] Samoa: PM Speaks At Biodiesel Launch

From: Samoalive News online - 24/11/2009

The Prime Minister, Hon Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, yesterday opened the Scientific  Research Organisation of Samoa (SROS) bio diesel project launch held at Nafanua. Following is the text of the speech by the Prime Minister

"There are three critical issues that the world is confronting at present namely; food security, climate change and energy security. All three have inter-related effects and should not be treated separately as all have significant influence on national development.

Today you will witness the launching of renewable energy research facilities that employed two technologies that produced bio-diesel and bio-ethanol. The laboratory demonstration today is the initial stage of these bio-fuels projects where coconut oil and starch are used as feed stocks to demonstrate the feasibility of both technologies. The organization is well aware of the conflict between foods versus energy and as such the organization has long term plans to switch to jatropha as a feed stock for bio-diesel and cellulosic materials (eg. waste from timber milling) for bio-ethanol. Both are non-edible.
Likewise the selection of processes employed in the production of bio-diesel and bio-ethanol were strategically designed to prevent any possibility of producing a greenhouse gas, the main cause for climate change.
SROS research focus on renewable energy in the form of bio-fuels is important to Samoa as:
1. The price of fossil fuels is on a continual increase,
2. Supply of fossil fuels cannot last forever,
3. Demand for energy in national development (eg food production chain) has increased,
4. The emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere which is the cause of climate change and global warming,
5. Samoa has plenty of biomass, and
6. Production of bio-fuels provides employment.

For the purpose of today’s launching, only three vehicles run on diesel are use to run on 100% bio-diesel as our pilot plant produced 200 liters per batch per day. The future plan is to purchase a machine with a bigger capacity for commercial applications.

I need not remind that already we have produced our own flour from a blend of breadfruit, tapioca and other materials. The formula will be released to a local entrepreneur to begin commercial production of our own home grown semi-processed goods. We have to congratulate the CEO and Staff of our Scientific Research Institute for their ingenuity as I’m sure we can expect more good things coming from this Institute.

Have a good day and good viewing"


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